Saturday, June 5, 2010

Comic Ratties

So I apologize, I have been out of town for a bit, I'm glad to be home, I missed all my babies! But now on to some fun!

I'd love to see if people have comics or funny ratty pictures! I love a good laugh and I'm sure everyone else does too. Here's one of my favorites!

At the moment I'm so tired I don't have much to say so I will leave you with this question of the day!

Question: Males or Females? (no seriously people have preferences!)

My Answer: Personally I love boys more because they are more cuddly and squishy, and they're much more laid back. Case and point, my boy Jinx, no one is as laid back in my clan as him! I do have one girl who is quite sweet but in general my girls are MUCH more active than the boys.

Isolde - she's a blue berkshire dumbo eared girl. I love her to death and she's absolutely crazy! I took her in with Howl, as she caught my eye and I know the girl who had them really needed help. She was however from the other litter that the girl had, so her and Howl are not related at all. She popcorns all over the place, she knows her name and is the first one to the cage door and wants to be up in my face. She loves to snuggle with her "sisters" and loves to groom them even when they don't want to be. She has a LOT of character and has grown from a tiny little scared girl into a very confident BIG girl. I never thought she'd grow at the rate she did, but she got big quick and I have loved seeing her grow up into the girl she is today, scary part is she hasn't even stopped growing!!!


  1. Really enjoy your blog! Rats are COOL! I have had them since I was little. Used to get them from the CalTech research lab. My best buddie was a big black and white male (Mel Gibson was his name!) Damn I miss him! He was very loving and loved to eat chicken bones!

    Yes, please keep blogging - rats are great pets/companions!

  2. I'm glad you have a little story to share, especially rescuing from a Lab, that's awesome!