Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Early Morning Awesome

So I woke up to my phone ringing like mad this morning. My dad called to inform me that our vet, Countryside Vet Clinic (most amazing vet for rats in the world by my standards) had a rat cage for me to come and pick up to help with my rescue work. So I immediately called them and said YES I wanted it and ran over there. It's a cage good enough for two ratties, in a bit of rough shape BUT I cleaned it up and it's great now. I have my two foster girls Maybe and Perhaps in it. They're having a ball. I just want to shout out to Countryside Vet Clinic on Ridgefield Parkway for their work and help with all my babies. They're really the best and I will never go anywhere else because I trust Dr. Hunter with my life! If you have rats and you need to take them to the vet for anything at all, go there, they will take awesome care of you AND they don't charge an arm and a leg.

Question of the day: If you have rats, how often do you hear people say "Ewwwww you own rats?" And if you don't have you said it before?

My answer: Yes, I've heard it MANY times, in fact there are people that won't come to the house because they are even in the house, safe in their cages where if you don't want to see them, you don't have to. It's upsetting to know that people are that creeped out by them, but as I have stated, I will change everyone's minds! Also in the end, if someone really is uncomfortable around them or any of my animals, I will keep them out of sight and confined so that the person in the house is ok!

On a totally seperate note, just wanna add that my African Grey Parrot is really starting to talk, it's exciting!

Jinx - he's my agouti hooded, standard eared boy. Came in with his brothers Matthias and Chicken. Now this boy went from being scared to basically being my anytime, anywhere, anything rat. He wants to be with me, he sits in bed with me and cleans my hair and snuggles into my arms, goes on car rides with me and LOVES to be around anyone. He's the first one to the cage to greet me, he knows his name and comes to me as soon as he knows I want him to come. He's just surprised me in SO many ways and he's become the love of my brood. Whenever I don't take him out with me people ask me where he is and why he's not with me now. It's so funny to have to disappoint and say he's at home. My friends all love to come and play with him because he is SO social. He also has decided that he needs to type for me when I'm on the computer, so when friends IM me, sometimes they get a dose of Jinx wisdom, something like ashfohrewio thwret vrwhvtierh itsriethyier. Yeah at this point they all know if something like that pops up, Jinx has something to say....we've never tried to decipher it, but one day we will.

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