Friday, May 21, 2010

It Starts!

So I've now been convinced to start a blog about my family of rats. I help with rescue efforts, I foster and I have a good few of my own. I think out of any small furry animal that anyone could own, these guys are the BEST! They're social, loving, love attention, don't smell (I've had ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. before as well and the difference is astonishing), and most of all they're just SO cute. I know a lot of people have some serious misconceptions about rats and I want to be a shedder of light, so to speak, on the subject and manner of your average pet rat. They are not the rats you find in the sewer, yes they have some crazy tails and teeth, but they don't have fleas, and from personal experience I can tell you they'll do anything to make you happy! I will be introducing my ratties individually at some point, as well as my foster kids that need new homes, and also any rescue efforts that I will be part of or there is help needed with. I want this to not only be a place for me to brag about my rats, but for people to learn about them and share their stories and information!

Nigel, my hairless dumbo boy. He was a rescue of a rescue. The people I took him from didn't have him long and were scared of him being a biter, he IS in fact a biter BUT he is also a sweetheart and he's just got his own personality!

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