Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Questions and Answers

I know through this a lot of people are going to (hopefully) ask me questions and I'll be able to help out with what you need to know. But at the same time I want to pose questions to my readers to get you all involved. So today I want to know this: When did you get your first rat?
I got my little girl Chi, my first heart rat, back in 2006, she was already a big girl, but she was WONDERFUL and she's the reason I love rats so much. She came to her name, she loved to be out with me, ride around on my shoulder and would always greet me whenever I came into my room, even if I had only been gone a second. I will never forget her.

So let me hear what you all have to say, and even if you haven't ever had a rat before, lets know why you are interested in them!

Also I'm HOPING my article comes out today in Style Magazine, so if it does, you all will get a second post today about that!

Matthias - He came to me with his two brothers, he's a beige hooded standard eared ruby eyed boy. He was surrendered to me because the lady said she had allergies but I think she just couldn't deal with them as they were all a bit skittish. He also came to me with a huge bump under his chin which turned out to be an allergy to celery. He's now a lot happier, very exploratory, still a little apprehensive to being picked up but once he is out, he's a happy boy.


  1. Maeghan, we saw the article in Style. We are currently helping to care for a rat who is homeless. He has a nice cage and supplies. We are looking for someone who can adopt him. He is a very nice animal and will make someone who likes pet rats very happy we are sure. Can you help? My name is Dawn and I can be reached at 204-2600.

  2. Maeghan, I wanted to let you know that we took the rat we were hoping to adopt out along with his cage and supplies to Fin and Feather on West Broad Street today. Nicole is the store assistant who helped us. She assured us he would be placed in a home and not sold as food. His name is Cassanova and he is there and available if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting him. He is about a year old, neutered, has a full set up, and is very friendly. He is a nice pet and we hope he finds a nice home. If you or anyone you know takes him home, we'd love it if you'd post that update. It would make us happy to know he lands in a good home. Thanks.

  3. Maeghan, I also read the article in Style! I want to ask your opinion on my situation since you seem to have a lot of experience socializing rats. I had two pet rats for over 2 years now, (Lou and Ms. Frisbee) and they've lived together their entire lives (they are sisters) and they were very close and cuddled constantly. Just recently, maybe 2 months ago, I had to put Ms. Frisbee down (very sad tumor story :( :( ) but now I am worried about Lou and I am worried that she is depressed and lonely without her sister. I am scared that she will be resistant if I get her a rat friend. I've never tried to socialize my rats before so I guess I'm not sure how she'd react. Do you think it would be a good idea to find Lou a friend? I guess any advice that you would have would be helpful! Also this is kind of my "first rat" story because Lou and Ms. Frisbee were my first ratty babies! my email is kelseyhulvey@gmail.com and/or I'll check back here on the blog!

  4. OH my gosh this hasn't been seen I am so sorry guys! I did pick up the boys from Fin & Feather, I have been incredibly sick so I haven't been able to get over there! They're going to be moved into a big ol cage and they're all very cute and sweet!